Press Release: Beauty and the Beast

Next year’s deputy head girls Inessa Rajah and Sarah Umuhire (whose poem was the driving force behind the movement), head and deputy head of the SRC Courtney Crosson and Samantha Ash (kneeling) and incoming 2016 head of the SRC, Zara Govender in front of the women empowerment structure.

Inspired by a poem written by Durban Girls’ College Grade 11 pupil Sarah Umuhire, the school’s student representative council unveiled a structure resembling the biological symbol for women, to raise awareness about the abuse and objectifying of women. After a special assembly, attended by Dumile Cele, the chief executive of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and run by the pupil members of the SRC, staff and high school pupils filed past the structure at which they placed rocks inscribed with messages – the placement at the base of the structure being a metaphor for building a foundation of equality.