Sport At DGC

"Developing sporting champions"

Durban Girls’ College,  offers a comprehensive sporting programme across all phases,  from hockey and netball to water polo and competitive swimming. Girls are encouraged to explore different sporting codes to discover which disciplines best suit their interests and abilities. The girls must participate in at least one physical activity of their choice each term, whether at a competitive or recreational level.

Junior Primary

In the Junior Primary, swimming is taken very seriously and we ensure that every girl is able to swim competently by the time she leaves this phase. We are proud to say that we are the only school in Durban to offer the Junior Primary Physifun programme, which enhances postural gross and motor skills.

Senior Primary

In the Senior Primary the girls are exposed to a wider variety of sporting codes, allowing them to make informed choices about which sports to pursue in the High School.

High School

Our High School has earned a hard-won reputation for being a top sporting school. Among our proud achievements are: winning the Girls’ A League Gala for 12 consecutive years; maintaining a ‘top two’ niche in the hotly-contested Coastal Hockey League; and retaining our ranking as the top girls’ water polo school in KZN. High School girls also have access to Club Zero, our well-equipped on- campus gym.