Senior Primary

"Producing confident and balanced young girls"

The Senior Primary at Durban Girls’ College is uniquely positioned between the initial learning years of the Junior Primary and the ‘polishing’ years of the High School. Our focus is on developing the whole person, producing confident and balanced young girls. Through this approach, girls gain a sense of belonging, self-respect and dignity.

Well-Balanced Young Girls

Every girl partakes in sporting and cultural pursuits as well as the academic programme. In the Senior Primary, we focus on fostering the ability to look beyond oneself as well as encouraging the all-roundedness that typifies the DGC girl. By adopting an holistic approach to learning, we aim to optimise the academic potential of every pupil. We also have the flexibility of exploring differentiated teaching methods and understand the importance of suspending the formal curriculum at times to accommodate incidental learning with topics of global relevance.

The Blazer Ceremony

At the start of Grade 4, girls take part in the Blazer Ceremony at which each girl receives her very own DGC blazer. This is a significant moment marking the girls’ entry into the Senior Primary.

Leaving the Senior Primary

At the end of Grade 7, each girl rings the brass bell at the Senior Primary entrance before walking up the ramp towards the High School in a symbolic act of leaving her Senior Primary years behind. This emotional moment is sure to be remembered for years to come as the girls venture into their High School years and beyond.