Drama At DGC

"Creative and confident expression"

At Durban Girls’ College, we believe that Dramatic Arts is essentially about creative and confident communication. This objective is approached differently in each phase to facilitate age-appropriate learning.

Junior Primary

In Junior Primary Drama, the girls explore dramatization, communication and movement. This develops their physical skills and creativity, which boosts their confidence. Junior Primary girls also learn how to articulate their words, project their voices, and work in groups.

Senior Primary

In Senior Primary Drama, girls engage in activities designed to extend them dramatically and creatively; increase their sensitivity to and awareness of others; and strengthen character. This is achieved through the exploration of poetry, improvisation, story-telling and narrative techniques, and dance and movement.

In Grades 6 and 7, girls are encouraged to develop their skills in characterisation and script interpretation, while Grade 7 girls perform in an annual production.

High School

All High School girls have the opportunity to participate in a number of enriching and exhilarating theatre experiences. These include the annual House Play Festival, where the pupils write the scripts and work in teams to perform, produce and direct their plays; Culture Kudos, an annual event showcasing a variety of performance skills such as dance, song and poetry; and the High School Production each alternate year.

Drama as a Subject

In Grade 8, the girls are exposed to Dramatic Arts to enable them to make an informed decision in Grade 9, when they choose their Matric subjects. This is when the specialist teaching begins and the pupils learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of Dramatic Arts.

Choosing Drama as a Grade 12 subject allows girls to explore their creative sides in a myriad of new and exciting ways. They read and watch plays that expand their knowledge and reflect on their personal practical work for further growth and development.