Junior Primary

"Not only friends, but family"

In the Junior Primary at Durban Girls’ College we are not only friends, but family. We understand the importance of nurturing relationships and connecting effectively with others.

Durban Girls’ College is a Thinking School

The heart of our teaching is based on growth. We strive to develop independent girls who are confident, engaged and curious in their learning. Our empowered and passionate staff have been trained and continue to journey in implementing 21st Century skills using thinking tools
and strategies in their teaching. Our school values underpin our learning programme and provide a strong foundation necessary for growth.


Please click here to read more about our Thinking School journey.

Entering DGC

At the start of Grade 1, girls receive their DGC hat at a special ceremony attended by their parents. This marks the start of their ‘rites
 of passage’ at College. At the end of Grade 3, another significant ceremony takes place at which the girls release biodegradable balloons into the air in a symbolic act of letting go of their Junior Primary years.

Academic Programme

The opportunities for girls to acquire knowledge and skills in a safe, happy 
and friendly environment are vast, with imagination, curiosity and problem-solving being encouraged. Girls are urged to work hard and never give up on their dreams, for it is those dreams that inspire them to reach greater heights.

JP Culture

Our department is a vibrant and special place where busy and productive days are spent. The teachers are driven by their lifelong passion to educate and inspire a love of learning amongst the girls.


Our girls embrace the DGC CARES programme (Courage, Attitude, Respect, Empathy and Self-control) which forms a large part of their educational journey in their formative years at school.