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Durban Girls’ College

Not only do we teach our girls to look at the bigger picture of life, but also to realise their place and potential within it. Our school breathes a sense of confidence and curiosity into young girls so that they feel empowered to take their stance as independent and courageous women of our society. We teach for life – not for the classroom. A girl’s unique educational journey into womanhood starts with us.

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Junior Primary

Be Surprised

The Durban Girls’ College Junior Primary is a place of curiosity and wonderment. Little girls are free to explore and discover, be amazed and surprised by the wide world out there.

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Senior Primary

Be Inspired

The Durban Girls’ College Senior Primary allows young girls to learn more about their individuality. They are encouraged to be involved, ‘shoot for the stars’ and be inspired by who they are and who they can become.

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High School

Be a Champion

The Durban Girls’ College High School is a platform for perseverance. The more mature girls of the school dare to be bold and stand out as champions, seizing challenges and stepping out of their comfort zones to reap the ultimate reward of self-fulfillment.

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