College House

"A gracious home from home"

Our boarding facility, College House, is steeped in tradition and serves as an integral part of the life and history of Durban Girls’ College. But this is no run-of-the-mill school BE. College House is a gracious ‘home from home’, set in tranquil gardens and offering beautifully-appointed and comfortable accommodation, including several lounges.

Meet our Heads of College House 2021

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Dining at College House

Our head of Boarding, Lesley Small, serves up delicious yet nutritionally-balanced meals. These are the envy of day-girls and staff members alike – one would think one had wandered into a boutique hotel instead of a boarding house! Packed lunches are provided for the girls so that they can enjoy lunch breaks with their friends, as well as allowing them to attend meetings and practices on campus. The boarders are also welcome to invite day scholar friends to join them for lunch at College House.

Facilities and Care

The school’s superb sporting facilities are conveniently situated on the doorstep of College House and the girls are transported to sports matches or practices by the school driver. Health issues are professionally and sympathetically dealt with by the school nursing sister, while the school doctor lives nearby.

The Best of Both Worlds

About 10% of the student body boards at College House, ranging from Grades 7 to 12. Our weekly boarding offers the ‘best of both worlds’, as the girls spend four nights on campus with their friends and three nights at home with their families. The majority of boarders live in small towns and these girls benefit from meeting a broader cross- section of people than they would at home. However, it is not only girls who live too far away to commute each day who elect to board. Many girls find the structured environment beneficial and enjoy the opportunity to immerse themselves in every aspect of school life. Lifelong friendships are shaped at College House, where the girls form a sisterhood that spans all ages.