Art At DGC

"Appreciating the visual world"

At DGC, the Art students learn about appreciating the visual world and responding to it creatively. Self-expression, imagination, freedom and broader social issues are explored while creating work of the highest quality.


Digital art and design technologies are explored in Art lessons. The use of photography, editing and drawing software, social media and iPad-based learning keeps these lessons at the cutting-edge of innovation. Since there is a plethora of opportunity for visual artists online, where digital and multimedia artists showcase their work in unprecedented ways, Art students at DGC are introduced to this world and actively engage with it, theoretically and practically, while producing diverse, high quality creative work.

Traditional Techniques

Art at DGC integrates digital technology with the formal study of art history and the teaching of a broad range of traditional art disciplines including drawing, painting, installation and sculpture. Foregrounding the creative thinking and the creative process, craftsmanship, skill and attention to detail are cultivated as the girls develop their own individual aesthetic and artistic identities in a contained and exciting social setting. The Art students discover that they can trust their creative instincts. They enjoy expressing their ideas and feelings through the controlled use of a range of techniques and media.

Studio Space

The Art studios at DGC are very well-equipped and very pleasing aesthetically. The atmosphere is vibrant and stimulating. Taking up the top floor of Trust House and overlooking the city with broad ocean views, the natural light, the varied and welcoming creative spaces, and the stimulating art programmes on offer, are all factors that make Art at DGC conducive to high-level artistic exploration and accomplishment.

Gallery Visits

Visits to galleries and tertiary institutions and active participation in competitions, both local and national, afford our girls opportunities to interact with art, artists, and greater social contexts beyond the boundaries of our school. This prepares them for future entry into future worlds and industries of visual culture.