Transformation at DGC


“In our South African context, contemporary social and cultural norms and values, as well as economic realities, consign
young people of colour to a position of extreme marginalisation and insignificance in terms of the private school cultural
identity discourse. As a leading independent school in South Africa, Durban Girls’ College is reflecting on its extraordinary role in  educating and moulding the hearts and minds of young South Africans, as well as enriching the communities that are connected to it.

‘Who do we want to be now?’ The core question that Durban Girls’ College is asking as it embarks on its Transformation Journey.

The school is particularly fortunate in that it has, at its disposal, a strong and well-equipped community that it has leaned on for support on this transformation journey; a reminder that solutions for communities are developed within communities. In the same vein, early learning on the journey is that lacking stakeholder engagement causes a disjoint in the community.

To this end, the DGC Sakhizwe Transformation & Diversity Committee is comprised of key stakeholder groups. We can be confident that, on the strength of our collaborative efforts, this grand opportunity to evolve will not be wasted on us. The bad news is, we have a long road ahead of us but the good news is, we have each other.

I’m deeply humbled by the opportunity to reimagine my school as a truly world-class South African institution,
representative in its constitution and a custodian of our diversity.”

Andisiwe Stofile
Chairman of the Sakhizwe Transformation
and Inclusivity Sub-Committee.


Download DGC Sakhizwe Transformation & Diversity Sub-Committee

Report Back Sakhizwe Nov 2020 Final

Download Silalele Key Stakeholders Report Nov 2020

Key Stakeholders Report Final

Download Key Stakeholders Report June 2021

DGC Key Stakeholder Update June 2021

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